About Us

We at Kaliclothingsco try to empower artisans by promoting and showcasing their traditional skills and art in a socially responsible way. We believe in using technology to do good and are committed to strengthening ancient craft techniques. We love to share meaningful stories that help to keep the traditional art alive.

We thoroughly believe anyone can wear anything, in spite of their looks or figure
Kaliclothingsco injects a sense of love into everything it does.

To end, we would like to THANK YOU for going through Kali and hearing about us. We hope you will like what we are making. We welcome your feedback as it is the beginning of a great learning process for us – so you can reach us at kaliclothingsco@gmail.com

Please keep visiting and supporting us if you like what we have made so far and we will keep making new things for you all the time!

Team Kaliclothingsco.